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Serving Maryland for 35 years

Spend less with a Lower Rate from Dollar One.

At Dollar One Mortgage we charge less but just because you pay less doesn't mean you get less. You get more, you get it faster, AND it costs less.
A very powerful combination.

A lower rate today will have a big impact on your future.

Perfect execution every time.

At Dollar One, we create the best experience possible, one loan at a time.

Mortgage Tools Lower Cost
Using every tool available, we automate and simplify.
Automatic emails keep everyone in the loop at every step.
Necessary documents are gathered electronically by trained staff.

Build your dreams ...

Purchase or refi, high LTV or low, high FICO or low: we have all kinds of residential and commercial loan programs. Fixed rates, exact rates, ARMs, interest only, alt doc, low doc, jumbo, conventional. And we use electronic docs as much as possible to take the work out of paperwork. Call me anytime at 301-Dollar-1, that's 301-365-5271.

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